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Food Service - Concentrate Iced Tea Destination™ Revolution Tea- Concentrate Iced Tea Destination™

Today consumers are searching for higher quality beverages that offer variety and great taste. Many of these consumers are not interested in the black iced teas of the past – they are looking for something special and Revolution Iced Tea is the perfect option. Now you can serve a premium branded iced tea that your customers are looking for without the waste.

Quality Hand-picked, estate grown premium teas. Consistent fresh flavor glass after glass.
Consumer Trends Revolution Iced Tea delivers the quality, taste and flavor that today’s consumers are looking for.
Sustainability No electricity and no waste. Even our brewed tea leaves are composted after extraction.
Variety Revolution Iced Tea offers a wide range of flavors.

Currently available in these blends:

Classic Unsweetened Black Tea
Unsweetened premium black tea.
0 calories per 16oz serving.

Classic Sweetened Black Tea
Sweetened premium black tea.
80 calories per 16oz serving.

50/50 Black Tea and Lemonade
Premium Black tea blended with Lemonade.
91 calories per 16oz serving.

Raspberry Black Tea
Black tea with a splash of refereshing raspberry
Lightly sweetened. 61 calories per 16oz serving.

Peach Mango Black Tea
Black tea with a hint of peach and mango.
Lightly sweetened. 61 calories per 16oz serving.

Triple Berry Green Tea
Green tea blended with natural Goji berries, Açaí berries and Raspberries.
Lightly sweetened. 56 calories per 16oz serving.

Hibiscus Black Tea
Black tea blended with Elderberry, Hibiscus, Pomegranate, and Blueberry.
Lightly sweetened. 63 calories per 16oz serving.

Golden Peach White Tea
Fujian white tea blended with natural White Peaches.
Lightly sweetened. 54 calories per 16oz serving.