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How to Brew

How long do I steep my tea and what temperature should the water be at?

You should steep your tea with the water just under boiling – see below

Type of Tea Temp of Water Steep Times
Black 200 3-4 mins
Oolong 200 3-4 mins
Green 190 2-3 mins
White 190 2-3 mins
Herbal 190 4-5 mins
Boiling Temp 212

Iced Tea Brewing Instructions

  1. Place 6 tea bags in the 2-quart pitcher
  2. Pour 1-quart (32oz) boiling water into pitcher
  3. After 5-7 minutes remove all infuser tea bags
  4. Pour 1 quart of cold purified water into the pitcher
  5. Cover container
  6. Serve over ice