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Our People

David Enser
CEO Revolution Tea

David Enser

Background/Experience: David discovered the Revolution in 2004 as a consultant hired to commercialize the company's iced tea concentrate program. Impressed with the positively uncompromising commitment to best-in-class ingredients, he was thrilled to join full-time in 2006. In his short tenure now with Revolution, he has worked with very talented people from around the globe to identify & procure new & more wonderful ingredients, advise on the development of trendy new tea blends served hot & over ice, provide input for the design of attractive new packaging & merchandizing, and establish exciting new customers both domestically and abroad that truly share the company's passion for improving the quality of the consumer experience.

Something Interesting: David has been blessed with 28 years of marriage, five children and two grandchildren.

Hobbies: Reading, Watching Baseball, Early-morning Work Outs.

Favorite Hot Tea: Organic Green Tea... drinking 3-a-day to promote healthy living!

Favorite Iced Tea: Tropical Blue... it's a black tea with a light fruity twist!

Jasmine Armenta
Customer Service

Jasmine Armenta

Background/Experience: I have previous experience in both the Hospitality and Car Rental Industry. I have an associates in Bio Science and will soon be receiving my Bachelors in Business Management this upcoming Fall.

Something Interesting: I have been playing the piano for over 10 years and singing since the age of 7.

Hobbies: Swimming, Running, Photography and Cooking.

Favorite Hot Tea: Bombay Chai.

Favorite Iced Tea: Raspberry Black.

Jeff Chapa
Field Services Manager

Jeff Chapa

Background/Experience: 11 yrs. experience Import/Export logistics/CSRM.

Something Interesting: Hiked down 12 miles to Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon.

Hobbies: Coaching my kids baseball team, love to BBQ.

Favorite Hot Tea: Dragon Eye Oolong.

Favorite Iced Tea: Raspberry Ice Tea.

Earle Davis
National Accounts Manager

Earle Davis

Background/Experience: BS in Business Administration and Ski Resort Management. Earle spent his early career as a Director of Marketing in the ski industry at resorts in NH and Lake Tahoe, CA. He has been in the Coffee and Tea business since the 1992, selling mostly premium beverage products and equipment to the convenience channel.

Something Interesting: Earle was once a lead singer in a band in California, he has been to all 50 states, and has climbed several of the highest mountains in America. On a whim, one time Earle got up before dark and embarked on a 26 mile walk. He has a big family with 4 children and 26 nieces and nephews.

Hobbies: Mt Climbing, water skiing, photography and is a PSIA Level I Alpine Ski Instructor.

Favorite Hot Tea: Dragon Eye Oolong, Earl Grey Lavender (of course!)

Favorite Iced Tea: Raspberry Black Tea, Golden Peach.

Ed Doyle
Vice President of Sales, National Accounts

Ed Doyle

Background/Experience: Ed has worked in the Convenience Retail Industry since his college days then resumed that association after spending 3 years on active duty in the US Army where he was a Platoon Leader and Battalion Maintenance & Safety Officer. In convenience retail, he started on 3rd shift in a store and progressed to hold executive level marketing positions at key retail chains such as Circle K, Dairy Mart and BP.

Something Interesting: A student / hippie in the 70's, an Army Officer in the 80's and a Marketing Exec in the 90's; Ed either has wildly diverse interests or just gets bored easily. Actually, he started out wanting to be an architect. Maybe there's still time; after TEA that is.

Hobbies: Playing golf at a beautiful course and not keeping score!

Favorite Hot Tea: Honeybush Caramel / Dragon Eye Oolong (life's too short for just one).

Favorite Iced Tea: Traditional Black – just like a '67 Corvette; sometimes you just can't beat a classic.

Todd Highfill
Distribution Manager

Todd Highfill

Background/Experience: I have 10 years of Warehouse/Distribution management experience and have enjoyed shipping the best teas throughout the world.

Something Interesting: I grew up in Lawrence, Ks. I am a University of Kansas Alumni, “Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!” I moved to Arizona in 2001, and met my wife. I’ve been married for 7 years and have 2 wonderful children.

Hobbies: Hanging out/playing with my kids, watching sports, & Smoking/BBQ a variety of meats.

Favorite Hot Tea: Tropical Green Tea

Favorite Iced Tea: Raspberry Black Tea

Jen Horvath
Marketing Administrator

Jenn Horvath

Background/Experience: Over 7 years of experience in the marketing/event planning/sales industry with an emphasis on obtaining and maintaining key accounts.

Something Interesting: Jennifer is a local native of Arizona, which seems to rare around here these day. She danced in Super Bowl XXX and has identical twin daughters.

Hobbies: Traveling, Hiking, dancing, yoga, and spend time with family.

Favorite Hot Tea: Day - Earl Grey Lavender Evening- Honeybush Carmel.

Favorite Iced Tea: Peach Mango.

Menno Koopmans
Regional Sales Manager – Spain

Menno Koopmans

Background/Experience: Key account Manager Brandsma Koffie , Marine Corps, Owner " The Healers " party and event organization.

Hobbies: Classic cars, Movies, Music, My wife.

Favorite Hot Tea: Golden Chamomile

Favorite Iced Tea: 3D je je je

Sarah Manganaro
Sales and Marketing Administrator

Sarah Manganaro

Background/Experience: Sarah has a strong background in Sales and Marketing with a significant record of achieving sales and profits, championing customer needs and building solid, loyal customer relationships.

Something Interesting: Arizona native and has an identical twin sister.

Hobbies: Enjoys spending time with family and friends. Loves to hike, bike, travel and pretty much any outdoor adventure.

Favorite Hot Tea: Acai Green Tea

Favorite Iced Tea: Peach Mango

Megumi Grace Nagoshi
Sales & Marketing Administrator

Megumi Grace Nagoshi

Background/Experience: Over 12 years working with international fashion brands in Tokyo, Japan. Experience in overall Marketing activities, small to large scale events, store opens, fashion shows, PR, sales promotions and advertising.

Something Interesting: Born and raised in California and spent my adult life in Japan returning to the US after 20 years. During the 20 years in Japan, I climbed Mt. Fuji, ran the Honolulu Marathon and was in a global advertisement for one of the brands I worked with. And my dogter is a pug.

Hobbies: I don’t know why but cleaning the house! And spending time with my family, cook Asian food, go biking, jogging, hiking and being lazy.

Favorite Hot Tea: Citrus spice tea - The marriage of spices and fresh citrus. Delicious!

Favorite Iced Tea: Hibiscus black tea – Perfect for a naturally sweetened pick me up!

Susan Sanchez
Customer Service Manager

Susan Sanchez

Background/Experience: Bachelors in Hotel & Restaurant Management from Northern Arizona University. Hospitality management experience in both resorts and restaurants. Experience in Property & Casualty Insurance Sales.

Something Interesting: Fluent in Spanish, blessed to be a mom to a sweet little girl.

Hobbies: Reading, arts and crafts, spending time with family.

Favorite Hot Tea: Bombai Chai with honey and soymilk!

Favorite Iced Tea: Traditional Black.

Pat Shaner
National Accounts Manager

Pat Shaner

Background/Experience: I have extensive experience in the coffee and tea business and have been involved in all aspects of sales and distribution within the Convenience, Office Coffee and Foodservice channels for over 25 years. The products and trends are always changing and keeping abreast of those changes and trends enables me to focus on customer growth and satisfaction.

Something Interesting: I was a waiter on a cruise ship and I have travelled to 18 countries and counting. I am handy with tools have remodeled my own house from top to bottom. Completed and received a Bachelors Degree in my 40's and was recently certified as a WSET Level 2 wine specialist.

Hobbies: Fly fishing, golf, fitness, reading and off road motorcycle riding.

Favorite Hot Tea: English Breakfast…it's steeped in tradition!

Favorite Iced Tea: Traditional Black(unsweetened).

Balazs Suto
Regional Sales Manager – Europe

Balazs Suto

Background/Experience: Balazs has 15 years of experience in beverage distribution, managing distribution companies with premium drinks brands and last 5 years as representing international brands in Europe, managing their export activities and working closely with local distributors in over 20 countries.

Something Interesting: Has a wide collection of special drinks from all around the globe at home – looking for special moments with family and friends to open them.

Hobbies: Traveling, playing basketball, bartending.

Favorite Hot Tea: Pomegrenate White Tea.

Favorite Iced Tea: Acai Berry Green Tea, Raspberry Black Tea.

JoAnn Watkins
Director of Operations

JoAnn Watkins

Background/Experience: Have over 15 years of experience in Purchasing and Production/Inventory Control management and have a BSBAM (Bachelor of Science in Business and Management) from the University of Redlands.

Something Interesting: Have been married for over 20 years and have 2 sons’ together – Connor and Caleb.

Hobbies: enjoy taking trips with my husband on his Harley motorcycle and enjoy reading my Kindle. Also, used to be an adrenaline junkie and have done skydiving, bungee jumping, and river rafting. Still have on my list to try zip lining and bobsledding.

Favorite Hot Tea: English Breakfast every morning and Tropical Green in the afternoon.

Favorite Iced Tea: Citrus Green Iced Tea.

Thomas Valentine
National Accounts Manager

Thomas Valentine

Background/Experience: Have been working in the CSP industry for over 25 years developing natural good for you products in Large Format, Small Format and Foodservice accounts and there distributor networks.

Something Interesting: Married for 24 years to my wife Barbara and Blessed with 3 sons, Thomas Daniel and Stephen.

Hobbies: Actively involved in all youth sports with children. Baseball, Lacrosse and Football. Still actively playing and coaching Lacrosse.

Favorite Hot Tea: Southern Mint.

Favorite Iced Tea: Raspberry Black Tea.

Harry van Kamp
Director of Sales – Europe

Harry van Kamp

Background/Experience: I completed my Bachelors Degree in Hotel Administration in 1995. I left Holland seeking adventure and arrived in Cape Town just before the first free elections in RSA. I started a sales career that took me all over the world from Cape Town to Johannesburg, Palm Springs CA and now back in Holland. During 2012 and 2013 I studied business and economics as part of an MBA program at the University of Stellenbosch.

Something Interesting: I have been a fan of Revolution Tea since 2005 where I met the founders during a Coffee Fest somewhere in the USA. I was selling Iced Coffee mixes at the time and made my first tea Smoothie with a Vanilla Mix and a concentrate of Rev T Honeybush Caramel.

Hobbies: I love cooking and for a while I was chef patron of a smal eatery in South Africa. Hiking in the mountains or sailing top my list of sport. Next I am going to try and prepare Assam Tea cold smoked salmon. I'll keep you posted.

Favorite Hot Tea: Golden Chamomile (a must for busy office days) and Sweet Ginger Peach.

Favorite Iced Tea: Honeybush Caramel Smoothie.