Bring Back Afternoon Tea

Tea is more than a delicious beverage, or even a hot drink with many health benefits. In countries across the globe, tea has been deemed worthy of a complete stop in the day's activities just so you can sit back and enjoy a steaming cup. Afternoon tea has traditionally been served in almost every country descended from or heavily influenced by Europe.

The rituals of afternoon tea were even enjoyed in the United States for centuries, although the practice is almost unheard of now. But should afternoon tea been wiped out with our waves of high productivity? Taking a leisurely break in the late afternoon for a cup of tea and snacks was long ago deemed unnecessary and wasteful of precious time. Perhaps now, however, we should reexamine the role of afternoon tea and consider reintroducing it to the everyday.

The Daily Droop

In the late afternoon, particularly around three or four o'clock, you feel decidedly more tired and worn out than you do earlier in the day. This is the time your body needs a break. It's actually a sign that you should be napping at this time, but naps are definitely a luxury. There is tea time, however, which is conveniently organized around four o'clock as a great way to feed your metabolism, take a break, and rest up to regain the energy you need to power through another few hours of work.

Weight Management

Many studies have shown that the way to lose weight is to eat less more often - not to skip meals. Eating small meals throughout the day gives your body a steady stream of energy and keeps your metabolism high. A solid snack accompanied by a cup of tea is just the thing to ward off severe hunger and fatigue that often undermine otherwise successful diets.

Energy Boost

Tea has many benefits including antioxidants, but the most important ingredient when you're feeling weary toward the end of the work day is caffeine. There is just enough caffeine in tea to perk you back up when you start to feel sluggish. Hot tea, iced tea and ready-made tea drinks all have plenty of artificial energy when you need a bit of propping up.


You may be too deep in your work to notice, but usually your best efforts come in the span of only an hour. You should be taking a break every hour or so from your work to revitalize and clear your mind. Then, when you're refreshed, head back to the desk. Taking a short break for tea can put the morning's drudgery behind you and clear the way to a brighter afternoon.


For those used to tea, it's very easy to see that tea time is fantastic for socialization. Many continue the practice simply because it's nice to sit with a pot of tea and catch up during the otherwise hectic day. Business lunches keeping you away from friends? Meet up at teatime and you can stay connected despite your intense schedule.

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