The Truth About Tea Extracts vs Tea Concentrates

What makes Revolution Tea's Iced Tea Extracts Different from Store Brand Tea Concentrates?

At Revolution Tea, we love tea. Not just for the comfort a warm cup of your favorite tea can provide on a cold fall afternoon, or how a pitcher of iced tea brings refreshing flavor to a hot summer day, but for the beauty of the tea itself.

When we make a product for consumers out of tea, we look at how we can provide the best product that respects the essence of the tea plant and provides the essential oils, flavors, and aromas you expect from quality tea products.

This is the motivation that drove us to create our iced tea extracts and bring them to consumers across the world. We are often asked about what makes our iced tea extracts different from the concentrates you can buy at the store.

The first point we usually make in these conversations is how tea concentrates are not the same as extracts and, while the process of how both are made is similar, there are some key differences to tea extracts vs concentrates that change the complexion and flavor of the end product.

Our CEO David Enser, is passionate about quality tea and uses this wonderful example about orange juice to help us understand what makes tea extracts different from tea concentrates.

The difference between Tea Extracts vs Tea Concentrates

It's all about the PROCESS.

Using the example of "Orange Juice Concentrate": 

The Standard Concentration Process:

The concentration process occurs in a high vacuum evaporator where the water content in the juice is evaporated, while the juice sugar compounds and solids are concentrated. The vacuum evaporator is a low temperature falling-film mechanism, which operates at a temperature between 60 and 80 °F and strips key elements of the tea compounds and flavor in the process.

The Tea Extraction Process:

At Revolution Tea, we are able to extract and recover essential compounds from tea leaves, garden herbs, real fruit, and flowering botanicals using only pure steam under vacuum conditions.

These essential compounds, think essential oils, carry all of the color, flavor, taste and nutrient value of the organic ingredients.  This is an undeniable gentler process compared to conventional extraction techniques, enabling our tea extracts to better capture aromas and flavors – naturally – while minimizing the effect on the taste of the ingredients.

Tea Extracts or Tea Concentrates: The Final Verdict

When looking for quality iced tea that can be made quickly, we cannot deny the benefits of extracting tea vs concentrating it. The flavor, aroma and consistency of the tea is always going to be better when coming from the extraction process vs concentration. The true tea connoisseur will no doubt enjoy a cool refreshing glass of Revolution Tea's Iced Tea Extracts over any store-bought tea concentrate. Try some today, we are sure you will love it!

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