Why Oolong Tea?

Originating from China, Oolong translates to “black dragon” and describes the leaves the tea is made from their dried state. The name also perfectly describes the tea’s bold taste. Oolong tea combines qualities of both dark and green teas, giving it several health benefits like protection against diabetes and certain cancers, improved heart health, weight loss, improved brain function, and many others. It’s not that popular in the West but with the numerous health benefits and advantages to drinking oolong tea, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Shop our selection of oolong teas today to find your favorite flavor and start reaping the benefits!

As with most teas that have roots in ancient times, there are a variety of theories as to how oolong tea came to be. One theory claims that the tea was originally named after the Wuyi mountain region where it was first written about during the Ming Dynasty. Another theory suggests the tea was discovered by accident by a man in the Fujian province whose tea leaves oxidized while he was distracted with a harvest. A third theory proposes the idea that oolong tea originated from the Beiyuan tea gardens under a different name but eventually got the oolong name we know today after loose-leaf tea became popular. While the origin of oolong tea is still up for debate, there’s no denying its unique taste and variety of health benefits.

What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong tea goes through a very unique process most other teas don’t share. The tea leaves go through an oxidation process in which they lose their bright green color and become dark, curled, and twisted versions of their former selves. Soon after they are picked, the leaves are set out in the sun to oxidize and then cooled down in the shade before being tossed around to break down the cells on their surface, stopping the oxidation process at a desired point that can range anywhere from 1% to 99% oxidation. Here at Revolution Tea, our oolong teas range between 8% and 85% oxidation. The leaves are often processed over different types of wood or charcoal and coupled with the heat, this infuses a certain flavor and aroma into the leaves than then end up in the oolong tea you’d enjoy. In the final step, the leaves are rolled into dragon-like shapes, hence the tea’s name.

The Value of Oolong Tea

Because oolong tea combines the properties of black and green tea, it contains helpful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants found in both teas – the source of oolong tea’s many health benefits. Tea in general has been shown to protect against diabetes by keeping blood sugar levels normal and oolong tea has even been shown to easy type 2 diabetes symptoms. Additionally there is research which suggests that oolong tea can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decrease body fat, improve memory and other brain function, prevent cell mutation that leads to certain cancers in the body, improve bone density, and ease symptoms of eczema. These benefits have been enjoyed by tea drinkers for centuries and could be enjoyed by you if you shop Revolution Tea’s selection of oolong tea.

Revolution Tea has an amazing Dragon Eye oolong blend. Our Dragon Eye blends a smoky flavor with saffron, peach, and apricots for an Earthy, yet sweet taste.

Get Revolution Tea’s Oolong Tea Today!

Considering all these great benefits – and the fact that a cup of oolong tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee, making it a great choice for those who are caffeine sensitive – packed into the delicious flavors of oolong tea we offer. Shop our selection today and find the flavor that’s right for you, or try them all!

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