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Revolution Tea has been changing the beverage industry and the tea we drink since 1998. The "Revolution" wasn't about war, or anti-government, but about CHANGE in the way people think about the beverages they choose to consume. Consistently promoting the "loose leaf tea" experience has carried the brand world-wide into over 30 countries. It has been our attention to detail such as sourcing the right ingredients, packaging design, consumer trends and a good bit of luck that has enabled us to continue sharing our passion for Tea today.

In a continuing effort to take our brand to a higher level in the expanding Foodservice arena, it is important that we communicate our sincere commitment to delivering great tasting beverages that reflect quality, service, and, above all, brand and product innovation. Although the lines may continue to blur between traditional Retail and traditional Foodservice, we understand the challenges of both and take seriously our role as market leader!

At Revolution, we truly are committed to changing the way tea is served. Presenting the "loose leaf tea" experience in single-serving tea bag infusers, our master blender combines full-leaf teas, fruits, flowers, herbs, and spices with award-winning artistry to produce a trendy portfolio of leading edge flavors. We have spent more than a decade learning to source the finest ingredients from over 19-countries around the globe to ensure that our teas will please even the most discriminating consumer.

Revolution Hot Teas

Individually Boxed

Individually Boxed
Brewing your favorite cup of tea is now easier than ever! Each display box contains 30 individually boxed pyramid infuser tea bags made from premium full-leaf teas and ingredients. Enjoyed for their attractive design and unique gift-like packaging.

Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf
Full leaf tea is quickly becoming“the grade of choice” in food service outlets around the world. Attractive in both form and function, Revolution presents our bulk loose leaf teas in a re-sealable Air Tight Acrylic Jar.

Individually Wrapped

Individually Wrapped
Perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a late afternoon treat! Each box contains 20 individually wrapped pyramid infuser tea bags made from premium full-leaf teas and ingredients. Self-dispensing box offers a functional yet sophisticated presentation.

Revolution Iced Teas

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea Extract

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea Extract

It's all about the convenience! All of our taste, all of our color, and all of our sweetness come from real ingredients… brewed tea leaves, whole fruits & botanicals, and pure cane sugar. The world’s most convenient iced tea delivery system is available NOW from Revolution.

Currently available in these blends:
  • Classic Unsweetened Black Tea
  • Classic Sweetened Black Tea
  • Peach Mango Black Tea
  • Raspberry Black Tea
  • Golden Peach White Tea*
  • 50/50 Black Tea and Lemonade*
  • Honey Green Tea*
  • Hibiscus Black Tea*
  • Açaí Berry Green Tea*
  • Tangerine Green Tea*
  • Cucumber Lemongrass Green Tea*
* Special Order Only
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea

It's all about the destination! Building awareness, consumer trial, and winning over loyal customers has never been easier. With attractive merchandizing designed to say, “Great Tasting Iced Tea Served Here!” Impactful display systems and promotional materials available NOW from Revolution.

Currently available in these blends:
  • Traditional Black Tea
  • Citrus Green Tea
  • Raspberry Rapids Black Tea
Product Attributes:
  • Provides the greatest sales margin opportunity
  • 2 ounce packet makes approximately 1.5 gallons of tea
  • Utilizes conventional brewing equipment
Fast Brew Iced Tea

Fast Brew Iced Tea

It's all about the speed! Originally designed for Banquet & Catering, NOW AVAILABLE to ALL types of restaurant operations where every minute counts and speed & freshness really do matter! Single-glass of iced tea in only 2 SECONDS. Single-pitcher of iced tea in only 12 SECONDS. Single-rack of iced tea glasses in only 45 SECONDS. The world's FASTEST iced tea delivery system available NOW from Revolution.

Product Attributes:
  • Delivers at 5 ounces per second
  • Makes 50 gallons from 1 gallon case
  • Ideal for Hotel Banquet & Catering
  • Delivers 2 gallons each minute
  • Pasteurized tea holds for 72 hours

Revolution Displays

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