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Citrus Spice Herbal Tea 20 Count Case

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Citrus Spice Herbal Tea 20 Count Case

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Share an amazing herbal tea experience with the group or your customers with the 20-count case of Citrus Spice Herbal Tea from Revolution Tea. 120 individual servings of luscious and refreshing caffeine free herbal tea that features premium ingredients like Spanish lemon peel, Turkish Orange Peel, fresh cinnamon chips, rosehips and cloves. Stock up on this herbal tea favorite.

6 Pack Case of 20 servings per container

Caffeine Content
  • (EN) Turkish Orange Peel (30%), South African Rooibos (20%), Indonesian Cinnamon Chips (13%), Spanish Lemon Peel (11%), Indian Cloves (7%), Thai Lemon Grass (<5%), South African Rosehips (<5%), Uzbekistani Licorice Root (<5%), Paraguayan Lemon Verbena (<5%), Egyptian Marigold Petals (<5%), USA Lemon & Cinnamon Orange Spice Flavor (<5%)
  • (NL) Turkse Sinaasappelschil (30%), Zuid Afrikaanse Rooibos (20%), Indonesische Kaneelstukjes (13%), Spaanse Citroenschil (11%), Indiase Kruidnagelen (7%), Thaise Citroengras (<5%), Zuid Afrikaanse Rozenbottels (<5%), Uzbekistaanse Zoethoutwortel (<5%), Paraguayaanse Limoen Verbena (<5%), Egyptische Goudsbloemblaadjes (<5%), VSA Citroen, Kaneel en Sinaasappel Aromas (<5%)
  • (F) Peler d’Orange Turco (30%), Rooibos Sud-Africain (20%), des Morceaux de Canelle Indonésien (13%), Peler de Citron Espagnol (11%), Clous de Girofle Indien (7%), Citronelle Thaï (<5%), Églantiers Sud-Africain (<5%), La Racine de Réglisse d'Ouzbékistan (<5%), Verveine de Paraguay (<5%), Soucis Égyptienne (<5%), Arômes d'Orange, Citron y Canelle d’Etats-Unis (<5%)
  • (D) Turkishe Apfelsinenschale (30%), Süd Afrikanishe Rooibuschtee (20%), Indonesische Zimtstückchen (13%), Spanische Citronenschale (11%), Indische Nelken (7%), Thailändische Zitronengrasss (<5%), Süd Afrikanishe Hagebutten (<5%), Usbekistanische Süßholzwurzel (<5%), Zitronen Eisenkraut aus Paraguay (<5%), Egyptische Ringelblumen Blütens (<5%), VSA Zitronen, Orangen und Zimt Aromas (<5%)
  • (ES) Cáscara de Naranja Turco (30%), Rooibos de Sudáfrica (20%), Trozos de Canela Indonesio (13%), Cáscara de limón d'España (11%), Clavos Indio (7%), Hierba de Limón Thailandés (<5%), Escaramujos de Sudáfrica (<5%), Raíz de Regaliz d'Uzbekistán (<5%), Hierba Luisa Paraguayo (<5%), Caléndula Egipcio (<5%), Aromas de Citron, Naranja y Canela d’Estados Unidos (<5%)

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December 10, 2018
Wonderful flavor
I purchase the citrus spice herbal tea by the case! I really enjoy the flavor. I first tasted this at P.F. Changs and was given the company name and flavor. I went home and immediately ordered some, and haven't stopped since. Just a wonderful flavor and I highly recommend.
June 23, 2018
Love Citrus Spice Herbal Tea
Friend and I had lunch at P.F. Chang’s and finished with a pot of tea. It was so delicious we had two more. We asked the server what brand of tea it was and if they sold it. They did not sell the tea there but she gave us the name. Both my friend and I went home and ordered some for ourselves and had some sent to each other! I have ordered two cases (6 boxes) since then. I love the flavor combination. Delivery does take a little longer than items I order from other sellers, so I plan accordingly when I am at my last box. I expect I will always keep some in the house.
April 23, 2018
Best tea
It’s a complex yet refreshing tea. It’s spicy and full bodied at the same time and the citrus makes it refreshing and light. It is delicious without sweetener but also delicious with honey. It tastes like dessert