Pear White Tea 16 Count

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Light and delicate and not at all overpowering, our pear flavored white tea gives the excellent flavor of a smooth white tea but with the sweet edge of pear flavor to round it out. Brewed in our hallmark flow-through infuser bags, our 16 count pear white tea lifts your spirits and your mood while encouraging you to enjoy the moments and take the day a little slower. White tea is high in antioxidants, and our Chinese Bai Mu Dan tea is known for a fuller flavor and greater potency. Its smooth flavor comes from the leaf shoots and young leaves used to make it, as well as the very low processing it receives before making its way into your cup.

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16 servings per container
Does not come with a string or tag

  • (EN) Chinese Bai Mu Dan Tea (94%), USA Pear Flavor (6%)
  • (NL) Chineze Bai Mu Dan Thee (94%), VSA Peren Aroma (6%)
  • (F) Thé Bai Mu Dan Chinois (94%), Arômes de Poireau d’Etats-Unis (6%)
  • (D) Chinesische Bai Mu Dan Tee (94%), VSA Birnen Aroma (6%)
  • (ES) Té Bai Mu Dan Chino (94%), Aroma de Pera d’Estados Unidos (6%)


Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Very Tasty

This is an excellent tea. Light tea with the fruit flavor of pear. This will also be very good in summer as an ice tea.

Pear White Tea

Your Pear White Tea is the best white tea I have ever had. It was also very nice to be able to buy directly from you. I am extremely happy with the tea and the purchasing experience. 5 stars all the way for you and your product.

Fresh and fruity.

Love this tea with the great juicy ripe pear flavor and the smoothness of the white tea. Takes the hectic out of my world one cup at a time.

Excellent product

Very tasty and refreshing


A sweet light tea if you just want a warm tea.

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