English Breakfast Black Tea 50 Count

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Start your day with a premium combination of high-quality Assam and Ceylon blended English breakfast teas, straight from India and Sri Lanka. This staple of the English - now, worldwide - morning may have gotten its start from Queen Anne, who replaced the traditional breakfast ale with her preferred blend of tea. Revolution Tea's English breakfast black tea blend borrows liberally from this traditional drink by adhering closely to the original standards for the perfect 50 count English tea.

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50 servings per container

  • (EN) Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea (60%), Indian Assam Tea (40%)
  • (NL) Zwarte Ceylon Thee (60%), Indiaase Assam Thee (40%)
  • (F) Thé noir de Sri Lanka (60%), Thé noir Assam Indien (40%)
  • (D) Schwarztee aus Sri Lanka (60%), Indische Assam Tee (40%)
  • (ES) Té noir Ceilán de Sri Lanka (60%), Té Assam Indio (40%)


Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
From a grateful tea lover

Ever since I tried the Revolution tea at our local IHOP restaurant and loved it so much I kept the teabag tag for contact info, Ive been enjoying all the offerings that I would have otherwise never known about. My favorites are the Peach Mango Green Tea, the English Breakfast Black Tea, the Organic Earl Grey Green Tea and really several others as my wife has other favorites that I snitch when she is not looking. I also love my coffee from time to time but I will usually fall back on my tea collection for the ultimate satisfaction. Thank you Revolution and your wonderful team. I will be sending in an order soon to replenish and enjoy those which my wife loves so much.


This is simply the best English Breakfast tea available. I tend to steep for about 4 minutes in the morning and closer to 5 in the evening. Delicious!


My favorite

Steep for four to five minutes only

This is a brilliant tea that actually taught me the better way to brew. Brewing for four to five minutes (and for Heaven's sake DO NOT SQUEEZE THE TEABAG!) leaves me with a soothing, sippable beverage that has a rounder, deeper flavor than even my previous favorite, Stassens. I take it with a third of a teaspoon of sugar, but sometimes none at all. Tried it with milk (half and half) but it lessened the savor. For tea lovers, buy this, make this according to Revolution's instructions, and step into an experience of a finely proportioned and elegant new room.

Dreaming of Revolution's English Black Breakfast Team

I have been a tea drinker for almost 60 years now. I had only used the teas available at my grocery store, then was introduced to Revolutions Teas at a Christmas party hosted by my company a few years ago. What a difference! The flavor is so rich and none of the cloudiness of some of the store bought brands. This is my favorite beverage now and my day is not complete unless it is started with Revolution Black Breakfast Tea. (It is on my wish list this Christmas. I'm hoping to find some under the tree this year.)
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