Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf Jar

Product image 1Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf Jar
Product image 2Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf Jar

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Certified Organic

Revolution Tea only sells the best green teas, most of which from China. Our organic Jiangyong loose leaf tea is an amazing traditional green tea that is not overly astringent. Chinese green teas are generally lighter and more delicate tasting than Japanese green teas. Despite their delicacy, these Jiangyong teas are still full bodied and their traditional grassy aroma is always enjoyed. This organic loose leaf tea has a delicious light green tea aroma and will be the perfect savory way to start you day. Steep the perfect cup today!

Suggested Servings Per Jar: 136

Free Snap Close Pincer Spoon Included!

  • (EN) Organic Chinese Jiangyong Chun Mee Green Tea (50%) Organic Chinese Jiangyong Sencha Green Tea (50%)
  • (NL) Chinese Biologische Jiangyong Chun Mee Groene Thee (50%) Chinese Biologische Jiangyong Sencha Groene Thee (50%)
  • (F) Thé Vert Jiangyong Chun Mee Chinois Biologique (50%) Thé Vert Jiangyong Sencha Chinois Biologique (50%)
  • (D) China Bio Jiangyong Chun Mee Grüner Tee (50%) China Bio Jiangyong Sencha Grüner Tee (50%)
  • (ES) Té verde Chun Mee chino orgánico de Jiangyong (50%) Té verde Sencha chino orgánico de Jiangyong (50%)


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