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RECOGNIZE Moroccan Pomegranate & Safflower 20 Count


RECOGNIZE Moroccan Pomegranate & Safflower 20 Count


Above all else: be yourself - embrace the storms in your life. This white tea is the perfect blend for those moments of truth. We are sure once we start to recognize our journey with all its flaws we can start making the world a better place.

This fruity, full bodied white tea is the perfect blend: Its mellow and delicate flavor meets powerful pomegranate - giving you the kick!

20 servings per container


Recyclable packaging with biodegradable tea bags.

Climate Smart Cardboard Material.

Suitable for cups and mugs up to 8 fl oz.

Special aroma protection due to high quality heat sealed envelopes.

Perforated box for easy removal of tea bags.


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews

So good. Perfect for evening tea when you just want to relax but long for something different than the tired chamomile. Which, really, kinda doesn’t taste good unless you pour in the honey. A!nyone else? The white tea is delicious with a good book!

Lovely light flavor

I honestly wasn’t expecting to love this tea. My daughter prefers green and white over the black teas I love, so I bought this primarily for her. I’ve almost finished the box because I am completely smitten. It’s light but tart and sweet. I don’t detect a lot of overt pomegranate, but it’s juicy and tart, so it’s obviously part of the flavor profile. It’s a nice tea to have on its own for an afternoon break, but it’s fine with food as well. It’s versatile.

Jody M.
Deliciously pom

I bought this as a gift for my pomegranate loving bestie... We shared the first cup, and it was delicious! Delicately fruity with a distinct pomegranate taste. A sweet, fruity change of pace for this black tea girl.

Susan P.

I love white teas and this one is delicious. As with all Revolution Tea products, I am very satisfied.

Light and refreshing

A light, crisp and refreshing tea! My Dad's favorite, he goes through it fast every year


White tea, natural flavors, safflower petals


Store in a cool and dry place.

Pour 158 °F hot water over the tea bag and let it steep for 1-2 minutes. 1 cup (8 fl oz) to 1 tea bag.

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