Orange Chocolate Green Tea 30 Count

Product image 1Orange Chocolate Green Tea 30 Count
Product image 2Orange Chocolate Green Tea 30 Count
Product image 3Orange Chocolate Green Tea

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Fans of this premium blend will be pleased with this box of 30-count antioxidant-rich tea. At Revolution, we know that our customers value quality, so we source our ingredients from only the most premium locations in the world. With our Orange Chocolate blend, you get matchless quality, and we get to keep our promise of excellence to you. So, drink up. Your taste buds will thrill to notes of spicy Indian ginger, refreshing citrus, and invigorating chocolate. Our orange green tea blend also contains natural levels of polyphenols, potassium, and Vitamin C. Health experts have long touted the benefits of all three, so we created this orange chocolate green tea blend to harness the power of these phenomenal warriors of nature. Potassium is a powerful electrolyte that helps our bodies maintain optimal blood pressure, while Vitamin C helps combat the visible signs of aging. Polyphenols may be the king of all phytochemicals, believed to have incredible cancer-fighting properties. So, what are you waiting for? Try our 30 count chocolate tea today and see what the fuss is all about!

30 servings per container

  • (EN) Chinese Sencha Tea (71%), Indian Ginger (20%), Peruvian Cocoa Nibs (5%), USA Orange & Chocolate Flavors (<5%)
  • (NL) Chineze Sencha Thee (71%), Indiaase Gember (20%), Peruviaanse Cacao Stukjes (5%), VSA Sinaasappel & Chocolade Aromas (<5%)
  • (F) Thé Sencha Chinois (71%), Gingembre Indien (20%), des morceaux de Cocoa Nibs Péruvien (5%), Arômes d’Orange y Chocolate d’Etats Unis (<5%)
  • (D) Chinesisher Sencha Tee (71%), Indisches Ingwer (20%), Peruanische Kakaostückchen (5%), VSA Orangen & Schokolade Aromas (<5%)
  • (ES) Té Sencha Chino (71%), Jengibre Indio (20%), Piezas de Cacao Peruano (5%), Aromas de Naranja y Chocolate d’Estados Unidas (<5%)


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

This is an excellent tea. You can taste the subtle flavor of the chocolate with the orange. The individual boxes it comes in are great when you want to take some with you.

Orange chocolate tea

I was expecting more of an orange chocolate flavor but I still like it a lot, specially with the winter cold weather I enjoy the hot tea everyday

More than a holiday tea

I originally got this orange chocolate green tea as a holiday tea. Now its one of my favorite for every day. Who can pass up a hint of chocolate?

Not As Good As I Expected

The tea quality is amazing as well as the individual tiny boxes each sachet comes in. But I expected more of a dessert, chocolate taste.

5 star

Love it

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