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Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea 30 Count

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Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea 30 Count

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Did you know that chamomile is good for your skin and hair as well as a relaxing aid for sleep? Revolution Tea makes a delicious -- and extremely popular -- herbal blend with whole Egyptian chamomile flowers, marigold flowers and peppermint leaves that you'll enjoy night after night. Chamomile has also been popular for centuries as an herb to aid digestion, boost immunity and enhance relaxation. With our 30-count box, you'll be able to sip a cup each night of the month. Try this delicious caffeine-free herbal blend to help you wind down in the evenings or anytime you want a relaxing cuppa.

30 servings per container

Caffeine Content
  • (EN) USA Peppermint (49%), Egyptian Chamomile Flowers (43%), Egyptian Marigold Petals (8%)
  • (NL) VSA Pepermunt Blaadjes (49%), Egyptische Kamille Bloemen (43%), Egyptische Goudsbloemblaadjes (8%)
  • (F) Feuilles de Menthe d’Etats-Unis (49%), Fleurs de Camomille Égyptienne (43%), Fleurs de Souci Égyptienne (8%)
  • (D) VSA Pfefferminzblätter (49%), Egiptische Kamillen Blüten (43%), Egiptische Ringelblume Blüten (8%)
  • (ES) Hojas de Menta d’Estados Unidos (49%), Flores de Manzanilla Egipcio (43%), Flores de Caléndula Egipcio (8%)

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August 15, 2019
Good tea
Good easy tea before bed
May 27, 2019
Excellent product and I highly recommend it
I have been buying revolution tea for a few. Years now and I absolutely love it. It’s so fresh and full of flavor.
March 9, 2019
Great tea
Great tea
February 22, 2019
I absolutely love your golden chamomile tea ! It’s the absolute best, it is so flavorful ! I was at a restaurant near where I live & had tea well it was your tea. It was my 1st time having it. I liked it so much that I asked for one to take home. That’s when I looked online to order it. I also love that it is in an infused bag & how you get 2 cups of tea from one bag ❤️❤️
February 8, 2019
great tasting tea
Been using Revolution for my restaurant and home for the last 3 years. Always fast shipping, receiving what ordering every time and the quality and taste of the tea never disappoints.
January 24, 2019
It's really good tea
It's really good tea
January 18, 2019
Soooo good!
The best chamomile tea on the market! So flavorful. Does have a hint of mint so don’t be surprised but it does taste amazing! I first came across this tea at circle K but a cup of tea is 1.50 there so I had to buy my own box of tea online. I’m so glad I got the 30 count because the packaging is adorable, each tea bag comes in a mini box. Thank you for the great tea!!!
December 19, 2018
A great tea!
This tea really does give you a calming relaxing feeling in addition to being delicious!
December 4, 2018
i love it
Very good flavor and package very convenient.
Jim &
November 12, 2018
Great Product
is the best chamomile mix ever tasted we bought it and are using it in Lima, Peru