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Redefining Tea Tradition

Discover a diverse range of premium full-leaf teas meticulously curated by our tea experts.
All of our unique flavors are portioned in tea bags and can be prepared quickly and conveniently.

Teas you’ll love this season

Proudly presenting our new revolution tea art edition

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What’s in a name?

Our teas have powerful names. They are there for all of us to reflect on how we want to be treated and treat others. Our teas are here to be shared with old and new friends.
  • Honor
  • Remember
  • Help
  • Cherish
  • Attraction
  • Admire
  • Love
  • See
  • Forgive
  • Genius
  • Inspire
  • Recognize
  • Dream
  • Believe
  • Power
  • Kiss
  • Indulge
  • Approve
  • Trust
  • Midnight

Recipes to inspire

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John Daly Cocktail

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How to Make Iced Tea

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SEE Mint Tea Latte

Ready To Drink Iced Tea

Ready to drink! Sparkling & refreshing, with no added sugar!
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The Passionate Tea Drinker's Guide to Black Tea

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Tea Against Bloating

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Benefits to Drinking Hot Tea in Summer


We are a family-owned business and see our suppliers as a part of our family.

Building longterm relationships that shape the future is only possible with a big portion of trust and respect. We made a conscious decision to source our tea from family businesses whenever possible.

We prefer direct trade and avoid middlemen who could make the path of our high-quality products more complicated.

This decision also gives us the opportunity to maintain a particularly close relationship with our tea farmers and to use them to improve local processes. This means we can source the best raw materials directly at the origin and guarantee consistently high quality. Our tea sommeliers also taste the hand-picked fresh tea leaves directly at the source. Only the best of them end up in our products and form the basis for the marvellous Revolution Tea range.

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