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Oolong Black and Green Tea Bath Bundle

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Oolong Black and Green Tea Bath Bundle

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Relaxing tea bath for soft, glowing, and rejuvenated skin! Relax and recharge as you soak in the skin benefits of your luxurious tea bath experience! This bundle contains: (1) Blackberry Jasmine Oolong Tea Bath, (1) English Breakfast Black Tea Bath and (1) Tropical Green Tea Bath


Blackberry Jasmine Tea
Chinese Se Chung Oolong Tea (49%), Chinese Jasmine Tea (40%), German Blackberry Leaves (5%), USA Blackberry Flavor, USA Jasmine Flavor (<5%), Chinese Monk Fruit (<5%)

English Breakfast Black Tea
Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea (60%), Indian Assam Tea (40%)

Tropical Green Tea
Chinese Young Hyson and Dragonwell Teas (77%), Turkish Orange Peel (11%), USA Peppermint Leaf (<5%), Chinese Jasmine Flowers (<5%), Paraguayan Lemon Verbena (<5%), Egyptian Marigold Flowers (<5%), USA Pineapple Flavor (<5%)

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