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Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf Jar

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Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf Jar

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Organic Jiangyong Green Tea Loose Leaf JarThe finest of China’s green teas come from the mid-latitudes to the high-latitudes where patches of Camellia Sinensis dot the mountainous landscape. Soils are generally well-drained and the clouds in the mountains both moderate the temperature and produce a steady level of moisture for the tea plants. On the spectrum of tea colors, Chinese green teas are on the light end … darker than only white and yellow teas, and range in color from pale yellow to light green. They are generally lighter and more delicate tasting than Japanese green teas. Despite their delicacy, these Jiangyong teas are still full bodied and always enjoyed.

Suggested Servings Per Jar: 136

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Caffeine Content
  • (EN) Organic Chinese Jiangyong Chun Mee Green Tea (50%) Organic Chinese Jiangyong Sencha Green Tea (50%)
  • (NL) Chinese Biologische Jiangyong Chun Mee Groene Thee (50%) Chinese Biologische Jiangyong Sencha Groene Thee (50%)
  • (F) Thé Vert Jiangyong Chun Mee Chinois Biologique (50%) Thé Vert Jiangyong Sencha Chinois Biologique (50%)
  • (D) China Bio Jiangyong Chun Mee Grüner Tee (50%) China Bio Jiangyong Sencha Grüner Tee (50%)
  • (ES) Té verde Chun Mee chino orgánico de Jiangyong (50%) Té verde Sencha chino orgánico de Jiangyong (50%)
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