The Difference

Four thousand years ago, in the heart of China, the Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea when a tea leaf found its way into his cup of hot water. He took a sip, smiled and tea was born. For thousands of years, full leaf tea has been cultivated using traditional practices of hand picking and drying in the sun. To speed up the drying process, many estates discovered fanning the freshly picked tea leaves caused the leaves to dry faster. It was also helpful in separating the broken pieces from the full leaves. Centuries later, a shrewd American businessman noticed that a layer of broken tea pieces and fine tea dust accumulated on the floor and could be swept up, collected, and placed into paper tea bags to offer a lower-priced option for consumers. Tea Fanning's and dust quickly became the modern standard in America.

Revolution Tea, we offer only full leaf teas dried by the sun with love and care. Full leaf teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all natural flavors. Never tea fanning's and dust. Which would you rather drink? Tea fanning's and dust or full leaf teas? Revolution Tea we invite you to taste the difference.

The Revolution Difference

Paper Tea Bags

  • Paper tea bags were introduced in 1952 for mass production
  • Tea leaves must be crushed to fit inside the paper tea bag
  • Crushed tea leaves prevent properly timed steeping
  • Improper steeping creates bitterness and turbidity
  • Paper tea bags absorb tea’s essential oils

Our Revolution

  • We introduced the first mesh infuser tea bag in 2000
  • Loose-leaf tea leaves remain unbroken inside our mesh tea bag
  • Loose-leaf tea leaves allow properly timed steeping
  • Proper steeping releases tea’s authentic taste and clarity
  • Mesh infuser tea bags pass essential oils into each cup

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