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Peach Mango Green Tea 16 Count

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Peach Mango Green Tea 16 Count

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Bright, tropical mango is the perfect complement to sweet peach in this green tea blend. Fruity and fragrant with just a hint of subtle floral notes, this tea encapsulates the invigoration of summer but can be enjoyed year-round. A refreshing and antioxidant-rich Chinese Sencha provides a light base for the smooth, fruity flavors. Peach Mango Green Tea offers a vibrant cup of tea that is equally delightful when served hot or when brewed at double-strength and sipped as an iced tea

16 servings per container
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Caffeine Content
  • (EN) Chinese Organic Sencha Tea (89%), Egyptian Calendula Petals (<5%), Chinese Safflowers (<5%), Chinese Monk Fruit (<5%), USA Peach & Mango Flavor (<5%)
  • (NL) Biologische Chineze Sencha Thee (89%), Egyptische Calendula Blaadjes (<5%), Chineze Saffloer Bloemblaadjes (<5%), Chineze Luo Han Guo vruchten (<5%), VSA Perzik en Mango Aromas (<5%)
  • (F) Thé Vert Organique Sencha Vert Chinois (89%), Fleurs de Calendula Égyptienne (<5%), Fleurs de Carthame Chinois (<5%), Fruit de Luo Han Guo Chinois (<5%), Arômes de Pêche et Mangue d’Etats-Unis (<5%)
  • (D) Chinesischer Organische Sencha Tee (89%), Egiptische Ringelblume Blüten (<5%), Chinesische Färbedistel Blüten (<5%), Chinesiche Luo Han Guo Früchte (<5%), VSA Pfirsich und Mango Aromas (<5%)
  • (ES) Té Orgánico Sencha Chino (89%), Flores de Caléndula Egipcio (<5%), Flores de Cártamo Chino (<5%), Fruta de Luo Han Guo Chino (<5%), Aromas de Melocotón y Mango d’Estados Unidos (<5%)

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June 13, 2019
Peach Mango is the BEST!
Peach Mango is the best, makes a great summer ice tea, very refreshing!
June 12, 2019
Now one of my favorites!
I'm not a huge fan of fruity teas but this one is oh so amazing! Such a wonderful blend of smooth flavors. Tastes just as good going cold as it does hot.
June 9, 2019
A fabulous tea for iced tea
A great tropical, fruity flavor ideal for iced tea. I'm not a fan of the flavor of green tea by itself, so the additional flavors are perfect, and I get the benefits of the energy of green tea without it being as "jittery" as black tea.
June 7, 2019
Like it
My favorite is the earl grey lavender and though I’m not a huge fan of green I am enjoying the peach mango....gave one to a friend who is also loving the peach mango green tea
June 4, 2019
This is very refreshing and a great blend of flavors.
May 31, 2019
Great Tea
Looking forward to buying more tea in the future
May 24, 2019
I love Revolution Teas! The flavors will DELIGHT you!
Delicious tea!
May 23, 2019
Delightfully delicious
Smooth tasting with a great aroma. Put your feet up when sipping. Satisfies all the senses.
May 20, 2019
Nice green tea with a fresh mango taste. Good hot or iced.
May 17, 2019
Oh so super YUMMY!
I'm a tea freak! Although very picky! Also not a huge fan of fruity teas, this one I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF! Wish the flavors were a stronger being so good but all & all this one is the new golden child to my tastebuds. Bonus... great just as much cold as it is hot!