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I love your tea. It is the best tasting tea I have ever had. I bought the samplers-and now I am ordering by the box. It is never bitter. The smooth taste of your tea is constant whatever tea I order. I am impressed. You guys gave me a free 12 days of Christmas and I thank you for that. I live in Tucson just south of you guys. We will be great friends.

Dear Revolution Tea,
I love your Earl Grey Lavender Tea and just wanted to say thank you! Everyone that works for Revolution should be so proud because your teas are superb!! There are often times when this tea makes my day, it's like happiness in a cup, and for that I can’t thank you all enough because it's the small things that make life special!
Love, Peace, Apprecieation! Darla

Dear Revolution Tea,
I just want you to know how much I love your tea. My best friend gave me a five-box sampler. The ginger peach is my absolute favorite.
Thank you, Thank You, Thank you!!!

Oh My Heck! I have just discovered your tea! I am in love with the Sweet Ginger Peach and Earl Grey Lavender! I was so excited about your teas that I returned to the place I bought them from (40Miles one way!) and bought sampler packs for my sisters! We are always on the lookout for fun, unique, and fresh teas. I think we have hit the jackpot!
Thank you so much! Holly

Just wanted to let you know I tried your tea for the first time at the new Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. I was attending a meeting and they had it with the Coffee Tea service in our meeting room. The English Breakfast Tea was absolutely delicious!! Ill be ordering one of your assorted teas so I can try them all... I've never tasted anything so good!!
Thank you!! Erica Cattaneo

I just wanted to email to let you all know that I think Revolution tea is one of the best teas I have ever consumed! I began drinking this tea, green flavor, a few months ago. It was purchased at the Daily Grind in Winchester, VA. I absolutely love this tea. The flavors are superb together. I just ordered several boxes for myself, as I just ran out! Thank you so much for a wonderfully tasteful tea!
Sincerely, Julee Kramer

Thx so much... yum yum Donuts is fantastic. I live about 40 miles from them and one of their employees lives up here and is going to deliver the 30 count box for me... they are so sweet... you will see their sales go up... I love the tea, I first had the peach ginger tea at the Barona Casino in San Diego and every time we go through there we stop to have dinner at the buffet just so I can have the tea... Again thx so much.
Joann Haase, a very happy customer

I live in Oregon and an avid tea drinker. While on vacation in Florida, I found your tea and love it!! The web site is great. I am looking forward to finding a store here at home that carries this, or will order from the Web page. Great job.
Susan Frisch, Brookings Oregon

I have just had your tea and loved it.

Dear Revolution Tea: Just writing to tell you that I absolutely love the packaging on those individually boxed tea bags! They are so cute, great graphics, and so fun to open! The sensuous, silky tea bags are so cool! I can hardly wait till the weekly coffee group meets... they can have their fancy coffee drinks... I have joined the revolution!
Julie Bourbon
P.S. Your tea is pretty good too!

I have a complaint. Your tea is so damn good I am hooked on it. Now if AJ's can keep your Tropical Green Tea on the shelves, it would help appease my addiction. I'll be going through withdrawal until my package arrives. Seriously, your products have made me quit drinking coffee all together. I'll have to find a place that stocks your product in Las Vegas when I relocate my family there March 1st. Keep up the great work.
Your biggest fan, Robb Weinstock

Thanks, I had the tropical green tea today with lunch and asked who the supplier was. I didn't feel well and though my wife drinks tea ever morning and absolutely no caffeine, I have coffee every morning. The tropical green looked good on the menu. The aroma and taste was more than exceptional. Though I am primarily a coffee drinker, though I do enjoy tea from time to time. I ordered the tropical green because it was the one I thought would interest me today given how I felt. It was so good I am going to try the English Breakfast because it's my overall favorite in all brands. Thanks for the tropical green though, it was perfect for today.
Lyle Chapman

Hello! This has nothing to do with anything really, but I did want to say thank you for making such amazing teas. I drink a lot of tea, and I must say that after Revolution, I don't think I will be going back to my other brands!! I don't usually write such letters, but I must say that you have something right!! I will be spreading the word!
Thanks again, Gisele (Montreal, Canada)

I am just writing to say that I am glad that you have a website. I found a box of your tea at a local coffee shop. The nylon tea bags are great and it is nice to be able to get whole leaf teas in a convenient bag. I prepare mine in an odd way: I put a tea bag in a bottle with filtered water overnight in the refrigerator and drink it the next day at school. Not unlike sun tea, I guess, but the flavor is incredibly mild, subtle, and smooth.

I have only tried your White Tangerine Tea so far, but I was impressed with the quality of the tea. The next time I buy tea, I will probably buy your Variety Pack directly from your website. I am glad that you include a website address on your tea's packaging, since that is how I found your website and your prices online are significantly less expensive than purchasing the tea retail.
Regards, David Alexander

Hello, I absolutely love your teas. I have introduced my workplace to your tea and they are loving it as much as me. I plan to increase my tea supply tomorrow. Thanks for a great product.
Stephanie Barron

I LOVE your tropical green tea! I want to buy bulk loose leaves.
Layne Dorning

I received my order today, 6-6-03, and wanted to thank you for the quick shipment. The tea is delicious; my mom has fallen in love with your product! Thanks again.
Sincerely, Katie McGraw

I just wanted to tell you that I experienced the wonderful taste of your Ginger Peach Tea at P.F. Chang's Restaurant here in Chesterfield, Missouri.
A. Davis