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Loose leaf black tea is a consistent favorite among both casual and fanatic tea drinkers. Black Tea actually accounts for more than 90% of all the tea sold in the western World, with common favorites like Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea being a staple in millions of households. Generally, premium black teas contain more caffeine than other types of tea like green, white and oolong because the oxidation process is longer. The result is a higher concentration of caffeine and a stronger flavor that can be retained in the leaves for years. Loose leaf black tea can hold its flavor for so long that in the 19th century bricks of the tea were used as currency across what is now eastern Russia, Tibet and Mongolia.

Whether you’re in it for the caffeine, the aroma, or the flavor, Revolution Tea has a selection of the best black tea for sale. Shop long time favorites like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, sweet fruit blends with raspberry, ginger and peach, or something spicier like Indian Bombay Chai. Experience the full flavor and aroma of premium black tea with Revolution’s globally sourced ingredients and unique loose leaf tea infuser bags.

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