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Drink different

Revolution Tea invites you on an extraordinary flavor experience. Innovative recipes, future-orientated easy-to-handle technology solutions combined with passion for great tea moments and social as well as environmental responsibility – that’s Revolution Tea.

Enjoy a cup of diversity!

Innovative recipes, future-orientated and easy-to-handle technology solutions combined with passion for great tea moments and social as well as environmental responsibility. That’s Revolution Tea.


We are a family-owned business and see our suppliers as a part of our family.

Building longterm relationships that shape the future is only possible with a big portion of trust and respect. We made a conscious decision to source our tea from family businesses whenever possible.

We prefer direct trade and avoid middlemen who could make the path of our high-quality products more complicated.

This decision also gives us the opportunity to maintain a particularly close relationship with our tea farmers and to use them to improve local processes. This means we can source the best raw materials directly at the origin and guarantee consistently high quality. Our tea sommeliers also taste the hand-picked fresh tea leaves directly at the source. Only the best of them end up in our products and form the basis for the marvellous Revolution Tea range.

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Revolution offers revolutionary products, innovations and new solutions for every out of home tea consumer. Our recipes satisfy tea lovers all around the globe – beautiful diverse flavours for a beautiful diverse word.


To empower and inspire, through the love of tea.


At Revolution Tea, we are aware of our values and how to integrate them in how we do business, collaborate with partners and approach customers, partners, and employees.
Respect is fundamental in how we meet others. We respect different beliefs, religions, nationalities, sexualities, different interests, and perspectives on life. We respect and support people to express their inner self and truth.
Courage is the key to expanding our vision of reality – many wins you can accomplish in life do often exist outside of our comfort-zone. We encourage you to go out and explore the unknown even though it is in your inner self or in understanding other people. It takes courage to stand up for your own beliefs and opinions as much as having the courage to meet different people with curiosity and an open mind.
We do not compromise with the quality of our products. A prominent level of quality is always keen in how we select ingredients for our products. This is also reflected in how we develop and care about our partnerships and employees.
We encourage people to meet life as a whole with joy. We value and aim our focus on joy, since where focus goes energy flows. The remarkable thing about joy is that it multiplies every time you share it. Let joy be your co-pilot on your journey, both on rainy days and in magical moments.
At Revolution Tea diversity is not a fact, it is something we believe in. A greater spectrum of how to embrace the beauty of life for better and for worse. We believe sharing tea moments can create valuable meetings among people. To find a common ground of respect and kindness to differences where perspectives on life according to lifestyle, religion, nationality, beliefs, gender, and sexuality can be shared and acknowledged.
Fairness is how we approach people in what we do. We will always aim for a fair, trustworthy, and balanced collaboration with our partners, customers, employees, and suppliers. By meeting the world with fairness, we expect to receive what we send out.
Transparency is especially important in relation to our suppliers, so the customers can follow the journey from the farmer to the cup. This allows us to give customers the ability to make informed choices and fosters trust and credibility in our brand and products. To develop and take care of our treasured friendships with our farmers around the globe, we visit them annually and support local projects to evolve sustainable, social mobility.
Our job is to make it a less complicated and easier product to handle and consume. We wish to promote simplicity to create more space for all that matters in life. Products with simple, but worthwhile solutions and certifications that make the tea easier to enjoy. As a values-driven brand, our values are not only a way of living, but a commitment to those we serve, collaborate and work with. They know what we stand for, which raises our accountability and accessibility to information for partners and suppliers.
We tolerate everyone, but we do not tolerate everything. We invite people to express and speak out their own truth to know and understand each other better and deeper. Nevertheless, we are completely intolerant of harmful, unethical, and immoral behavior.
Calling all revolutionary tea lovers looking for new ways of enjoying tea! In Revolution we want to innovate and rethink how we drink tea, which is why our motto is Drink Different. Drinking Revolution Tea is not only joyful and strengthens health and wellness. We disrupt the classics and innovate them by adding new ingredients or innovative blends in various combinations for the benefit of multiple purposes. We cater to tea lovers who strive to reappraise the classics and explore a new area for enjoying tea.
You matter just as you are. In Revolution we acknowledge and appreciate you, just as you are. We strive to surround us with people who support and lift each other by recognizing and valuing their strengths to overcome self-doubt and develop better self-worth. We believe that you are good enough, you are smart enough, you are beautiful enough, sweet enough. SIMPLY, YOU ARE ENOUGH.
In Revolution, we believe everyone deserves to be loved and experience feelings of care, affection and warmth to themselves and others. Share great tea moments with your loved ones or as a practice of self-care. Do not be shy and remember to tell the people you love how much they mean to you. Be aware that you could be the one that changes their world.

The Origin

We made a conscious decision to buy our tea from family businesses whenever possible.
We prefer direct trade and avoid middlemen who make the route of our products more opaque. This decision also gives us the opportunity to maintain a close relationship with our tea farmers and to use this relationship to improve local processes.

In this way we can source the best ingredients directly at the origin and guarantee consistently high quality – our basis for an innovative and revolutionary tea assortment.
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