Revolution Tea has been changing the beverage industry and the tea we drink since 1998. The “Revolution” was never about war, or anti-government, but about creating a stir in the world of beverages. Beginning with a mindset for making thoughtful and intelligent choices in everything we do positioned Revolution first and foremost to improving the quality of the consumers tea drinking experience. Having always been intrigued to celebrate the things that are real in the world has committed Revolution to seek and source only full-leaf premium teas, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and delicious all natural flavors. There are no substitutes.

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Challenged early on by the limitations and poor results of traditional paper tea bags inspired Revolution to change the industry and become the first company to stuff loose leaf tea inside a mesh, flow through, pyramid shaped, single serving infuser tea bag. These revolutionary tea sachets allow drinkers to enjoy the natural delicious flavors of the tea along with the health benefits, free of any unnatural additives. Having always believed that it really is all about the ingredients means that Revolution continues today to invite discerning consumers to taste the difference a premium blend and innovative tea bag can deliver to a steeped cup or glass of ice. Whether your daily cup is the delicate flavor of an organic Japanese green tea, the calming effect of chamomile, or the boldness of English Breakfast, Revolution Tea has the perfect cup for the tea lover in us all. Shop the finest selection of premium green tea, black tea, herbal tea, white tea, oolong tea, and organic green tea.

Once upon a time, enjoying a cup of loose leaf tea meant either straining the tea or buying a reusable metal infuser that had to be cleaned after each use. Straining meant likely still having tea leaves and bits in your cup and a reusable infuser meant a messy clean up. The only alternative was to steep lower grade teas stuffed inside a paper tea bag. Great for hiding lower grade tea fannings, which are essentially lower cost tea bits & tea dust, but paper also absorbs essential tea oils that emerge naturally from the leaf during a 3-5 minute steep time. Bottom line, paper tea bags offer a somewhat bitter and a somewhat cloudy cup of tea. In 2000, Revolution Tea decided that enough was enough and tea lovers worldwide deserved an authentic experience from premium loose leaf tea. The flow through, pyramid shaped, infuser tea bag was born. Our innovative pyramid infuser tea bag allows your hot water to flow through and our premium tea ingredients to expand and creates an exceptional cup of tea every time.

We invite you to taste the difference.

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