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Green tea is something that all tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers have heard about at one time or another. Great care is given to our premium full leaf green teas during harvest and through a multi-step process of steaming the leaves, pan frying or rolling, and then drying to prevent any further oxidation. The result is a very clean, authentic flavor, mildly astringent, sometimes sweet, and always very enjoyable when steeped alone or blended with other premium herbs and fruit pieces.

Chinese white tea origins come from the delicate buds and young leaves of tea plants. White teas are the least processed of all the common tea types and are the closest to the plant's natural state, which increases the tea's antioxidant properties. Our premium white tea is prized for its delicate flavor and sweet aroma worldwide. We invite you to explore our full range of green and white teas and taste the difference a premium blend and innovative tea bag can deliver to a steeped cup or glass of ice. 

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