Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, known as tisanes, have a long and delicious history. However, herbal leaf teas have been in the public eye as a typical tea and not a tisane for centuries. Tisanes are a beverage that is both caffeine free and made without any traditional tea leaves. Instead, they contain fresh or dried flowers, leaves, fruits, seeds and/or herbs that are steeped in boiling water.

We provide a professional guide on how to brew herbals teas and more here. While herbal teas are not really teas at all, most people, like our Revolution Tea experts, will still call them teas! Whether you need a caffeine free herbal tea or some of our premium herbal teas, we've got you covered. Buy herbal tea online in Revolution Tea's full collection of herbal and caffeine free teas for even more options. 

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