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Southern Mint Herbal Tea 20 Count Case

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Southern Mint Herbal Tea 20 Count Case

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A refreshing pick-me-up, Southern Mint is a delightful version of the traditional English mint tea. This herbal drink, made from whole Egyptian mint leaves, has soothing properties and can help combat headaches and aid in digestion. Caffeine Free.

6 Pack Case of 20 servings per container

Caffeine Content
  • (EN) USA Peppermint (100%)
  • (NL) VSA Pepermunt Blaadjes (100%)
  • (F) Feuilles de Menthe d’Etats-Unis (100%)
  • (D) VSA Pfefferminzblätter (100%)
  • (ES) Hojas de Menta d’Estados Unidos (100%)

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April 3, 2018
Best Mint Herbal Tea on the Market or Available
The first time I tried the tea was surprising at a dinner that was trying the line for the first time. Looking over the display box, my eye caught the envelope with the name on it, Mint. When I prepared it in the cup, the smell once it hit the hot water was outstanding and WOW. I could not believe a Mint Tea could beat many of the major brands (low to high market names). The smooth and favor full taste was Great. I needed to find out of I could find the location I would obtain the tea for our household. The one great feature of the tea is being Caffeine Free. I would recommend this tea to everyone and can't wait to try it during the summer months as Ice Tea.
June 27, 2017
Sounthern mint
This is the best mint tea I've ever had. Love it. It's very minty.