Irish Tea Cocktail

In need of a green drink this St Patrick’s Day?

St Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in all of us and to celebrate we have a St Patrick’s Day inspired drink from Revolution Tea. Each year on March 17th, people from around the world celebrate St Patrick’s day by wearing green, sporting a shamrock, attending parades, eating traditional Irish food, and enjoying their favorite Irish drink. If you are looking for something a little different than a bright green beer this holiday, this recipe is for you.

This recipe is a simple, yet exciting spiked iced tea treat made with our very own Traditional Organic Green Tea. This Irish Cocktail calls for 4 simple ingredients (absinthe, Irish whiskey, green tea, and a lime slice). The surprise taste you will find in this drink is absinthe and it is a very distinctly flavored spirit. When mixed with our delicious Organic Green Tea it cuts the bitterness of the whiskey and absinthe making for a smooth refreshing drink for your St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

This recipe is quick to make and only has a prep time of 3 minutes! You will need to cool your green tea beforehand so account for that when preparing this tasty drink.

 Irish Tea Cocktail

Irish Tea Cocktail Recipe:

  • Prep time - 3-5 min
  • Cook time - 0 min
  • Total time - 3-5 min
  • Total servings - one 6-oz glass


  • 1/4 ounce or 1.5 tsp. absinthe
  • 1 ounce or 2 tbsp. Irish whiskey
  • 4 ounces green tea, about 1-2 bags
  • A slice of lemon or lime, to garnish
  • Ice

Steps for your Irish Tea Cocktail

Step 1: Prepare the 1-2 bags of Revolution Tea organic green tea, steeping to preference, about 4-6 minutes

Step 2: Pour absinthe into a rock glass.

Step 3: Tip the glass and swirl until absinthe lightly coats all edges of the glass

Step 4: Once coated, pour out any remaining absinthe

Step 5: Add your preferred amount of ice to the glass

Step 6: Pour Irish whiskey over your ice into the glass

Step 7: Add the brewed and chilled organic green tea

Step 8: Add lemon or lime wedge and enjoy!

Tips for this Recipe

  • Brew your Organic Green Tea and chill before crafting this Irish Cocktail.
  • Sweeten tea to your taste because there is no additional sweetener added to the cocktail itself. We recommend honey, simple syrup, or your personal favorite sweetener.
  • Chill your glasses before to keep your drink cooler for a longer period.
  • Keep out of reach of Leprechauns!

Revolution Tea's Irish Tea Recipe

This drink pairs best with Revolution Tea’s Organic Green Tea made with a blend of Chun Mee, Idulgashinna, and Sencha full leaf green teas. Revolution Tea offers the best USDA Certified organic green tea on the market and offers 16 to 60 count containers.

Shop our amazing selection of teas today and remember to wear green this St Patrick’s Day!

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