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English Breakfast Black Tea 20 Count

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English Breakfast Black Tea 20 Count

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Revolution Tea's English Breakfast is made from the finest quality Ceylon and Assam black teas available. Enjoy this hearty, robust tea that stays true to the exacting standards of the popular original. This tea is truly a great way to start your day.

20 servings per container

Caffeine Content
  • (EN) Sri Lankan Ceylon Tea (60%), Indian Assam Tea (40%)
  • (NL) Zwarte Ceylon Thee (60%), Indiaase Assam Thee (40%)
  • (F) Thé noir de Sri Lanka (60%), Thé noir Assam Indien (40%)
  • (D) Schwarztee aus Sri Lanka (60%), Indische Assam Tee (40%)
  • (ES) Té noir Ceilán de Sri Lanka (60%), Té Assam Indio (40%)

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May 18, 2018
Excellent !
Believe it or not, I discovered at a food mart at a gas station. I tried it and it is by far the best ! I wish I could locate it at a local retainer.
April 4, 2018
Outstanding flavor!
I initially had the English Breakfast Black Tea at a local IHOP restaurant, and was so amazed with the wonderful flavor that I saved the tea bag envelope to look it up online to see where I could order it or find it at a local grocery. Was able to purchase directly from Revolution Tea online. Extremely pleased with this tea and I highly recommend it!
March 31, 2018
I absolutely love this tea blend. It's smooth and rich and is just the thing I need to get going in the morning and to help me wind down at night. The pyramid, silk pouch and full tea leaves make all the difference in a tea and Revolution is selling some excellent products in that regard. I look forward to ordering more once I finish my current supply!
March 27, 2018
Mom Loves It !!!
I initially purchased this flavor of tea for my Mom. She enjoyed at a restaurant. I took note of it and thought it would be a great surprise was. While ordering it for my Mom...I found some flavors I might like. Now my Mom and I both enjoy the teas. She took it on vacation with her...yeah she loves this tea.
February 28, 2018
New Favorite Black Tea
My new favorite black tea ! You can make your cup as weak or strong as you like, great to drink all day. Love that the bags are not paper so they don’t break in your cup. It’s nice to only need to use one tea bag for even a 30oz mug.
February 14, 2018
Very good! Love the bags!
February 6, 2018
Outstanding flavor. Perfect packaging.
Janet L
February 5, 2018
Better than any other brand I've had
I enjoyed a cup of your English Breakfast Tea a couple of months ago while I was actually out for breakfast and loved it! Knew I had to find a way to buy it, so I kept the wrapper for contact information. I've ordered not only the Breakfast Tea, but got daring and ordered the Sweet Ginger Peach & the Raspberry as well. Delicious! What a great choice of teas I now have to enjoy! I love the packaging of the tea bags as well, with the zip top pouch. I'm sure this feature will keep the tea nice & fresh. This was the first of many orders I'll be enjoying going forward. I stumbled on a treasure!!
January 4, 2018
Love this tea...
Tracked this tea down because we get it in an iHop restaurant we frequent and we like it, but couldn't locate a store that sells it near us. Very happy....
December 18, 2017
Love the transparent bags