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Together for communities
& the planet

Sustainability is an important part of our DNA. Every day we work together with our partners to become a little bit better.

We rely on fair partnerships, sustainable production methods and social commitment - in the countries of origin as well as at home. Our commitment to our planet and its inhabitants drives us and accompanies us every step of the way, every product we develop and every cooperation we enter into.

Fair trade certified
Whenever possible, we work with Fairtrade certified products.
Fairtrade stands up for the improvement of working and living conditions in the producing countries. By purchasing Fairtrade tea, we support this mission.
Carbon neutral
We have calculated the carbon footprints of our complete product portfolio with ClimatePartner, and compensated the emissions that occur in the products’ lifecycle – thus, all our tea products are carbon neutral! For the future, we intend to not only compensate but also reduce our footprint.
Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO2 emissions. We regularly update our CCF and thus have an overview of the success of our measures. In addition to avoiding and reducing greenhouse gasses, offsetting is an important step in holistic climate protection. Investing in projects also promotes sustainable development in the countries of the global South so that progress does not have to be based solely on fossil fuels. We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting a climate protection project in India that promotes clean drinking water locally.