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Our names

Our teas have powerful names

They are there for all of us to reflect on how we want to be treated and treat others. Our teas are here to be shared with old and new friends.

Honor - British Breakfast
Honor life by living it to the fullest! This classic black tea invites you to a moment of pure honor. Sit down, take a sip and honor life, our planet and your loved ones. Respect and celebrate your life with all the beautiful people that make it unique
Admire - French Earl Grey Bergamot & Lavender
Your smile was made for the world to admire. Get out there, pour your friends some of our finest Earl Grey and make the world a better place. Admire the Rain(bow)!
Inspire - Bombay Chai Cardamom, Ginger & Vanilla
Aspire to Inspire - always. This black Chai tea is your friendly reminder: Don't ever be ashamed of your story - it will inspire others! Just like life, our tea is full of powerful ingredients which together form the perfect harmony.
Kiss - Caribbean Mango & Papaya
Reminisce those kisses that make the mind stop thinking and the heart start feeling! This fruity black tea with Caribbean mango and papaya takes you back to thoses moments of pure joy.
Remember - Tokyo Sencha Steamed
A life to remember - forever. In the end, we do not remember days - we remember moments. Let's create and share them with old and new friends! Our Tokyo Steamed Sencha is the perfect recipe to enjoy together.
Love - American Cranberry & Rose
Can you imagine falling in love with this beautifully diverse world over and over again? Our fruity green tea with cranberry and rose makes you forget about the daily complaints and fills you up with nothing more than true, warm love!
Recognize - Moroccan Pomegranate & Safflower
Above all else: be yourself - embrace the storms in your life. This white tea is the perfect blend for those moments of truth. We are sure once we start to recognize our journey with all its flaws we can start making the world a better place.
Indulge - Italian Peach & Apricot
Taking care of yourself is the most powerful step towards taking care of others! This beautiful Oolong tea reminds you to make your soul happy, keep your sunny side up and indulge yourself.
Help - German Chamomile & Lemon Balm
Almost everything is possible if you have the right people with you to support you. This chamomile & lemon blend is there to support your way and appreciate your journey.
See - Oregon Spearmint & Peppermint
We know everything has beauty, but not everyone can see it. With a little practice and some relaxed moments of pure tea enjoyment we can finally start seeing the light in others - and treat them as if that's all we can see.
Dream - Norwegian Sea Buckthorn, Peppermint & Chamomile
One universe, nine planets, seven seas - and so much to dream about! This soft Rooibos blend invites you to think big and manifest your truest wishes. Dream it. Believe it. Build it.
Approve - Sydney Rooibos, Verbena & Cinnamon
Gentle Rooibos, Verbena and Cinnamon meet in the cup to remind you - as you love and approve yourself and others, your life and the lives of others will only get better and better.
Cherish - Capetown Honeybush & Caramel
There is nothing better than a true friend - unless it's a true friend with a hot cup of honeybush and caramel tea! Cherish every moment and every person in your life at every stage of your (tea) journey!
Forgive - Canadian Blueberry, Vanilla & Hibiscus Flower
While it takes courage to say sorry, it takes even more bravery to forgive. Let's sit together, treat yourself to a cup of the finest fruit tea, talk it through and move on. Forgiveness is the attitude of the strong!
Believe - Austrian Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla
Believe - receive! All things are possible if only you believe. With our apple-cinnamon-vanilla blend we want to remind you to forget all the reasons why it won't work and remember the one reason why it will.
Trust - Mexican Hibiscus, Mango & Moringa
Walk the talk, right? Trust is earned when actions meet words. We believe in strong relationships. With this beautiful herbal infusion you will create moments of pure connection and trust in your life and the loved ones surrounding you.
Attraction - Hemp, Turmeric & Anise
Energy and focus - thoughts and love are the most powerful ingredients that form true attraction. With this herbal hemp tea infusion with powerful turmeric and anise you easily open up for all those positive moments.
Genius - Hemp, Ginger & Chicory
We all have genius within us - time to release some of your unique super power! With our hemp tea infusion full of ginger and chicory we ecourage you to take that step and find the genius within you. Be your truest self - everyone else is already taken.
Power - Hemp, Cocoa & Coffee Bean
No struggle - no strength! Keep your head up, stand on your two feet and carry a smile on your face in the middle of this beautiful universe with all its rewards and challenges. Take a sip of our Hemp tea creation with Cocoa and Coffee bean. You Will Find Your Way.
Midnight - Hemp, Valerian & Lavender
Sometimes, the good stuff happens after midnight - when the moon smiles and the stars wink at you. Enjoy being able to wind up or just to calm down - snooze in bed - relax and recharge you batteries. A good night sleep makes a new day even brighter.