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How Much Tea Should I Drink a Day?

Drinking tea is a healthy habit that is enjoyed around the world in every culture. Tea has been shown to promote brain health, improve heart health, and may even prevent certain types of disease. To reap the benefits of tea, it is recommended that you drink tea daily. You may be wondering: How much tea should I be drinking a day?

Drinking Tea to Support a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are already living a healthy lifestyle but are looking for a boost from tea, we recommend enjoying 1 to 2 cups of your favorite blend throughout the day. This should be spread throughout the day to reap the most benefits, so we recommend drinking a cup in the morning and one in the evening. All tea leaves come with their own unique benefits, so find your favorite flavors and enjoy!

Boosting your Metabolism

For those drinking tea to reap the benefits of weight loss, it is recommended you drink 3-5 cups a day. Drinking tea has been proven to assist those trying to lose weight with tea’s antioxidant properties. Tea boosts your metabolism and can help most individuals on their weight loss journey.

Promoting a Healthier Immune System

For those who need an immune system boost, we recommend drinking 3-5 cups a day. Tea can help you recover from a cold and even give your immune system the support it needs to avoid getting sick in the first place. Most teas are packed with immune-boosting antioxidants and nutrients that help you stay healthy. Herbal teas are also great options for giving your immune system a boost. They are filled with many powerful spices, herbs, fruit, roots, and other ingredients that can help you feel better next time you get sick.

Drinking Too Much Tea May Cause Negative Side Effects

While we enjoy tea as much as anyone else, there is a point when it is too much. If you are drinking more than 9 cups a day, you might be overdoing it. Many types of tea contain caffeine which, when overused, can cause anxiety, unwanted stress, poor sleep, increased stomach issues, headaches, heartburn, and create caffeine dependency. Drinking tea in excess has also been shown to reduce your iron absorption, which can negatively affect you as well. Everyone’s tolerance to caffeine will be different. If you find yourself experiencing negative effects from drinking too much tea, we recommend you slowly cut back or choose a less caffeinated variety.

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