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Tea Better than Coffee in the Morning

According to the National Coffee Association, seven out of 10 Americans drink coffee every week, with 62% drinking a cup every day. In their newest study – the most comprehensive survey of American coffee drinkers ever – they found that nine out of 10 older coffee drinkers start their morning with a cup of joe and seven out of 10 younger coffee drinkers have coffee with breakfast. Despite coffee’s popularity, tea is actually a better morning beverage for several reasons. It’s no secret that drinking tea can come with a variety of benefits like lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attack and stroke, even reduced risk of cancer and more but there are a variety of others reasons to have a cup of tea alongside your breakfast rather than coffee.

The Benefits of Morning Tea

In short, tea beats any alternative morning drink. Although it may not have the same amounts of caffeine as coffee, nor the same levels of vitamin C as orange juice, tea has a host of other benefits that make the case for tea – hot or cold – being your new choice of drink in the mornings. Like coffee, tea can help clear up morning grogginess, but that’s not all. It’s true that tea contains less caffeine than coffee, but its caffeine contents should be just enough to give you the energy boost you need without overdoing it, and you can always have a second cup if you need it. The caffeine in tea isn’t the only thing that’ll help wake you up and clear your head in the morning: tea contains L-theanine and amino acids which slow how quickly the body absorbs caffeine. This may seem like a negative at first, but once you realize this will not only prevent jitters and crashes but give you consistent energy for a longer period of time, it becomes a huge positive. A few cups of tea in the morning can eliminate the need several cups of coffee throughout the day. You won’t just be feeling better, but you’ll be saving money as well.

Wellness Benefits of Morning Tea

Tea has also been shown to have very positive effects on the gut microbiome, with green teas increasing the level of healthy bacteria in the gut and black teas positively contributing to microbial diversity. The gut microbiome refers to the trillions of microorganisms that inhabit the intestines and while it may sound gross, keeping this complex ecological community healthy and diverse will positively influence physiology and disease susceptibilities. This isn’t the only way tea can help that part of the body though, as tea contains a substance called tannins that has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce intestinal inflammation. It’s especially a big help for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If you’re looking for ways to improve your gut microbiome and reduce intestinal inflammation, then the Black Teas we offer are perfect for you.  

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