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Oolong tea is a "black dragon" in Chinese, a name that does justice to it's boldness and drama. Our traditional Chinese teas undergo a unique process. This includes withering the leaves under the strong sun, then oxidation occurs before they start curling and twisting. We have three blends of Oolong teas sold here: Dragon Eye, Blackberry Jasmine, and Loose Leaf Jiangyong. All three flavors are unique and delicious in its own way. At Revolution Tea, we have some of the best oolong tea for sale here! 

Oolong teas typically range from 8% and 85% oxidation, which results in the wide range of colors and aromas we have available here. The flavor of traditional oolong tea is equally diverse. They can be smoky, sweet, fruity, woody, thick, or green and fresh. Shop our three amazing flavors below to start your oolong tea journey today!